When it comes to natural stone, each slab is unique offering naturally varied appearances and possessing it’s own individual characteristics. In contrast to the mind-dulling sameness of assembly line materials, natural stone possesses it’s own character - exuding beauty and vitality.

While there are hundreds of identifications for rock types, only nine are acknowledged commercially:

“Our product is a lifetime investment,” believes Antunes, whose travels to the quarries of Portugal, Italy, Brazil and other countries give him elite access to some of the world’s most premium quality stone. His unparalleled purchasing power gives his customers a world-class product at a reasonable price. Homeowners, decorators and builders can choose from an eye-popping inventory of natural stone.

Along with the Antunes are master stone crafters, who perform under the watchful eye of European masters of the trade using state-of-the-art equipment imported from Italy. Antunes adds that “our water jet technology and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Master Stone Engineering enable our skilled technicians to accomplish the most intricate angles and edge detailing imaginable to create a unique design that enhances the elegance of the stone.”

granite stone slabs
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