Computer software automatically determines when to use the diamond disk or the water jet for cutting the slab. Cutting units holding the diamond disk and water jet can work the same piece in succession or independently to optimize the slab surface.

With user-friendly capable CAD/CAM software, water jet machines are able to cut with high precision without rough edges.

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Master Stone Engineering enables our skilled technician to drill, cut, profile, polish, carve and sculpt the stone.

Owner John Antunes travels to the quarries of Portugal, Italy and Brazil to select the world’s most premium quality stone. He then enhances the exquisite and unique beauty of the stone through state-of-the-art machinery imported from Italy.

At Distinctive Granite and Marble, master stone crafters work in tandem with skilled technicians to create the most intricate surfaces, angles and edge detail. The beauty of the stone and the expert precision of the fabrication provide a lifetime investment for home owners, decorators and builders.