About 700 distinct, different types of Natural Stones, from around the world, are sold in the USA today.

Today, almost all colors in various shades are available in Granite, Marble and Slates, keeping in mind there will be some tolerance of differences in shading. Not all stones are available in all colors; Travertines are mostly found in shades of Beige, Yellows and Golds.

It really depends on the purpose of the application. Colors make a dramatic impact on the room.

  • making small rooms seem larger, and larger rooms seem smaller. Consider the following characteristics to select the color of the stone.
  • Lighter colors tend to make a smaller room seem larger.
  • Dark colors tend to make a room more intimate and cozy.
  • Solid colors and smooth/polished tiles show more dirt.
  • Patterned material, in honed finish is easier to maintain.
  • Dramatic patterns help highlight portions of the room.

Being a product of nature, each piece of the stone is unique in its own way and the variation levels will differ from stone to stone. The professionals at Distinctive will work with you on choices, budgets and options to help you create the look and feel you’ll love for years to come.

The crystal and flowery pattern that are seen on the surface of the stone are grains. Some stones have lots of veins on the surface while others will have less – they will also vary in color.